We are asked that question all the time! I never get tired of the answer either. Design Productions actually travels across the southeast and though we have been to a lot of venues, several of which we are exclusive or preferred at, there isn’t anything more fun or challenging than walking into a new space. I understand the reasoning behind your questions and it’s certainly valid! Design Productions is known for our ability to walk into an “area” and design something that has never been accomplished. Our staff is highly trained and experienced for a reason. Our team has the ability to walk into a space and setup an event all while mastering any problem before it becomes a real problem. Because of our elaborate lighting designs, we bring in a lot of lights requiring a lot of power. We measure the amount of power used and even staff a full time electrician to assist with distributing the power properly.

Design Productions gets requests all the time for tent lighting and remote lighting in areas where there isn’t any power near by. Not once has it stopped us! We bring in special generators that can not only provide enough power to light a large football stadium, but it is as quite as a family car! When we bring in these special generators, we understand the need to provide power for everyone on site and we do just that! There are no ugly orange cables for people to trip over! We bring in special power cable that is neatly installed and out of the way so that your guests can safely enjoy your event. Our staff works every event as if it were our own and the years of experience we bring to your venue will assure you that your event will be talked about for years to come!

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