Design Productions had the honor of being a part of a beautiful wedding June 2, 2012. It took place in a small town just 30 miles from Mississippi in northwest Alabama. When we originally met our bride, Mikela, several months back, she showed us pictures she had found from pinterest. These pictures included string lights hanging from the trees and wrapped around tree trunks as well as decor ideas she had for her special day. After our meeting I came back to the Design Productions office and began working on her design concepts. Our challenges for this wedding was first and for most, power and making sure every vendor who needed power would have access. I brought on board our electrician, Corey along with one of our power distributions systems and we managed to lay cable through out the site without it being an eye sore or a safety issue. We then hung string lights twenty feet off the ground and through out the trees. We also selected certain trees to wrap string lights on. A script monogram displayed on white shear voile fabric that stood twelve feet tall and inside the voile hung white string lights that lightly glowed through the drapery. The evening turned magical as the sun set and the lights shined down on Mikela and her groom as they danced the night away. The couple later that evening enjoyed flying Chinese Sky Lanterns and the night closed with a firework show right before the bride and her groom rode off into the night on a vintage fire truck.




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