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Polyester knit that drapes beautifully. A beautiful drape at a great price. Custom sizes upon request.

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Black, White, Ivory, Buttercream, Diffused Light, Ballet, Cream, Lavender Haze, Caribbean, Mist, Dune, Yellow Chiffer, Peach II, Blush, Arctic Gray, Dune II, Touch of Lime, Lilac, Lunar, Summerset, Shrimp Tone, Quartz, Grey, Apricot, Pale Gold, Blue/Grey, Sage, Tuscan Olive, Salmon, Atomic Red, Charcoal, New Clay, Cognac, Navy, Lilac Mist, Lavender, Alps Blue, Warm Brown, Copper, Rosewood, Bordeaux, Iris Mist, Jade, Kiwi, Purple, Violet, Cadet Blue, Jade II, Greenella, Burgundy, Royal Blue, Bright Blue, Seaside Green, Kelly Green, Plum, Purple II, Navy, Dark Green, Basil


25'H x 15'W, 16'H x 15'W, 8'H x 15'W, 16'H x 5'W, 19'H x 16'W, 5'H x 5'W, 25'H x 5'W, 12'H x 15'W, 12'H x 5'W